Design Challenge
The client was starting a new outdoors equipment brand, this could be anything from camping to survival gear.
They wanted the company to feel:
I had to help them identify ways to differentiate and provide some style directions.
My Role
I was responsible for coordinating all design processes, this includes: competitive analysis, style tiles, icons and graphics, colour and emotive response, personality, and style guide.
Competitive Analysis
There are many competitors for camping and survival gear such as MEC, Pantagonia, Canadian Tire, etc. However, there aren’t enough companies out there for dogs. So I decided to take this project in a different direction.
I looked at various competitors for dogs’ outdoor gear. They were analyzed and ranked in terms of price, ads, product variation, UI. They were all very strong in variety of products. Yet, their focus was too wide, and they were not targeting a particular niche. The biggest players, were Ruffwear and PetSmart.
Customer Reviews:
User Persona
Susan is...
Roger is...
Business Model
Based on reviews and personas, we wanted to focus on material quality, reliability and durability. We want dogs to feel comfortable and owners to be able to customize gear according to needs.
We decided to target a niche of young and older adults who are physically fit and engage their dogs in various outdoor activities.
Mood Boards
I wanted the brand to feel bold, strong, powerful and aspirational. The images I’ve chosen here reflect that.
It was important that this brand felt strong and reliable. It should be a name that people will remember and instantly associate with. I though of Bolt as it conveyed a very strong personality.
As a brand, I wanted the logo to be sharp and bold. Thinking about the name, Bolt, and the product being made for dogs, I decided to use a silhouette of a strong dog and surrounding it by a fastening bolt. I used thicker strokes for the icons and kept them familiar to the user.
Style Tile
The colour inspiration came from a shot I saw on dribble that screamed power. I wanted the overall feel to be fierce, confident and iconic. The sharp edges on the logo and colour palette helped express it. I used simple fonts such as Constantia and Avenir to ensure that it doesn’t distract what the brand exudes.
I made sure to keep this in mind as I built the style guide.
I learned that my competitive analysis and customer review analysis helped shape my overall direction for this project. I found that taking the time to dig deeper into research (finding a needle in a haystack) empowers a unique approach. It was motivating to see how the project came together with the logo, icons, graphics and colour palette.