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Website capitalone.ca
Role Wireframing and Visual Design
Team Product Design, Creative Team, and Developers
Customers were finding it difficult to navigate and find the answers they were looking for. Originally, our contact us page would lead you to the FAQs, which wasn’t intuitive nor easy to navigate.
Contact Us page is our first line of defense prior to a customer calling in. It’s a place where customers can self-serve and get answers to their questions quickly rather than waiting on a call.
What is the goal?
Needs Statement
We want to help customers and pre-customers answer their questions and solve their problems by providing a fast, seamless and relevant experience so they can get back to their daily life.
We led a design jam workshop to help us generate ideas collectively and quickly, as well as paper prototype.
This was tested with users for ease of use and feedback. We took the feedback from users and stakeholders, iterated and incorporated it into our final design to simplify it further. We were able to test it again, and customers found it easier to navigate and find information.
Capital One
Click the phone for an interactive prototype.
Next Steps
Another problem with this page was the content itself, it wasn’t very helpful and sometimes difficult to understand. It required a rewrite. The future state is to have a support page that will ultimately replace the contact us and faq. The information will be crowd-sourced internally,and we’re working with copywriters to simplify the language and replace the financial lingo.