Hi, I'm Pavi. Designer, speaker, mentor.

I'm a collaborative influencer and avid design method experimenter inspired by empowering and mentoring new creatives to achieve success on their terms.


My Expertise

Strategy & Direction

Understand first. I dissect and get to the root of the problem space to help predefine the scope and vision. My experience with project management helps bring impactful work to life.

Visual design

Prototyping ideas quickly. I strive to push and find the edges of any design concept I explore. This has successfully led to significant visual improvements and customer satisfaction.


Communicate to all. I consistently bring clarity, alignment, and inspiration through creative storytelling. This is often seen with my experience in speaking, workshops, and sharing learnings through various outlets.

Collaborative Influencer

Influence without authority. I lead teams inclusively to create safe environments. This creates a healthy space to invite challenge and debate across disciplines with design decisions.

Nice to meet you.

👋🏽 I'm Pavi. Designer, speaker, and mentor.

I'm a collaborative influencer and an avid design method experimenter inspired by empowering and mentoring new creatives to achieve success on their terms. I'm currently designing for the world's identity platform, Okta, and have previously worked for companies including Shopify and Capital One. I'm the founder of Markham UX Meetup and content creator on Youtube, with the intent to provide new designers with an accessible, welcoming path into the discipline. When I'm not designing, you might find me playing with my dog Benji, experimental cooking, or challenging myself with different workouts.

Pavi Logeswaran

Staff Product Designer @ Okta

My work

Stock transfers - Shopify
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Contact Us - Capital One
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Kaur Space
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word on the street


Pavi's ideas are exceedingly creative and thought-provoking, and her implementation is always impressive.

Sam Kashani

Design Leader

Pavi's detailed in her design and maintains a strong holistic vision needed when developing a product for the first time.

Kim Kirton

Social Entrepreneur

Pavi provided feedback with concrete examples that anchored my understanding on how to improve the presentation of my case study. Pavi delivered her critique respectfully and constructively and was overall a great designer to ideate with.

Joanna Okoh